Talia Dang

Tackling Food Waste: A Call To Action!!!

Class of: 2026

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Illustrative Video

Faculty: Juanli Carrion

Prompt: For this assignment, we need to craft a 2 to 3-minute video essay or desktop documentary showcasing the challenges in our local water system.

Embark on an engaging exploration of the pervasive issue of food waste through my illustrative video project. I aim to shed light on the intricacies of food waste beyond the mere act of discarding leftovers. The journey unfolds by delving into the profound impact of food waste on our environment, the strain it places on valuable resources, and its consequential effects on our day-to-day lives. Through a captivating narrative, I aim to convey the importance of this issue and inspire action. My video endeavors to simplify the complexities of food waste in a fun and easy-to-understand manner, making the information accessible to a broad audience. By unraveling the story behind food waste, I seek to empower viewers to make informed decisions and implement small changes that collectively contribute to a significant positive impact. Join me on this adventure, and together, let’s transform into food waste warriors, taking small yet impactful steps toward a healthier planet. Get ready for an enlightening journey as we navigate the world of food waste and strive for a more sustainable and mindful future.