Makiah Roberts

Chunk Drawing Tool

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Hand extension made of wood, oil pastel, and string

Faculty: Aaron Cooper

Prompt: Create a body extension that is referential to the function and movement of the hand

The Chunk Drawing Tool prompts experimentation with mark-making and abstraction. It allows the user to create large strokes made up of smaller, individual lines. Designed to improve upon the hand’s ability to hold a group of drawing materials simultaneously. Made to fit oil pastels, but can also fit pens, pencils, etc. through variation in hole size. Through color variation and even spacing between drawing utensils, the user is able to produce unique drawings. Hinged arms offer multiple approaches to wearing the Chunk Drawing Tool, including on the hand, arm, or leg. When worn on the hand, hinges create organic vertical movement, furthering abstraction.