Thomas Yang

Precious Object : Leica M6

Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media

Faculty: Kimberly Tate

Prompt: A vessel or container to hold/carry/contain/protect/ensure/enshrine/hide, etc. (pick your intention) this object using linear materials. The vessel must be primarily of one or two materials. No glue or tape is allowed, but mechanical fasteners are acceptable.

A container meant to protect and hold the camera during transportation. The linear material is an old race sail (a synthetic fibre (nylon), specifically carbon fibre). Whipping Twine was used as a thread for the project and sailing rope with a 2mm diameter. The Leica M6 was passed down from my grandfather, and the camera was used in the majority of his life. He also taught me how to shoot with a range finder (Leica M6). He brought it around the world, and I am now also bringing it with me as I travel. It is interesting to think about how he looked through the same eyepiece and experienced his life through the camera. Now, I look through the same eyepiece and experience my life. It is interesting to think about how this single-camera connects these two different dimensions of time. The camera has also helped me express my creative message and shot most of the shots for my portfolio for university. The sails that were used as material were recycled sails from the time I was a completive sailor in Canada. These sails have been with me through training for races and have also lead me to win some as well. The sails were gifted to me from my club, as a going-away present pushing me to pursue my design future at Parsons. The container that was created now embodies two objects, and the memories that are attached to these objects. As they each interact with one another, their memories somehow combine. Using weaving as the technique of creating the bag allows for the sail to become a liner material. Also, using Whipping Twine and manipulating the linear material will enable me to use my knowledge of sailing and apply it to the bag.