Manvi Daga

12 Hours of the Day

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photography & Digital Media

Faculty: Wendy Letven

Prompt: The prompt was to make a 'Time Map'

I decided to do a 3- piece project where I photographed a busy street in Manhattan at three different hours of the day. During each hour I took six pictures of the exact same spot in 10-minute intervals. My first group of photos was taken at 8 AM, the second group at 2 pm, and the third at 8 pm. These represented the rush and chaos of the city at a specific point, during different times of the same day. I also added a sort of key, to depict what a person could possibly be doing at that specific time. The purpose of this was to enable the viewer to resonate with the piece – comparing it to their own daily schedules. The three compositions together represent 12 hours of a day.