Margaret Hardek

Cotton Byproduct Suit

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fashion construction

Faculty: Jessica Corr

Prompt: We were given raw material and asked to research the products and byproducts it creates through its life cycle. After our research was 2 complete we were told to create a final project to reveal what we learned.

After completing the first part of this project I knew for my final presentation I wanted to show just how many products we use on a daily basis that contain cotton, and also incorporate my interest in fashion. I decided to construct a suit out of cotton textile and embellish it with some of the different byproducts of the cotton production process, as well as adding different companies that use cotton in their products. After looking at the suit I wanted the viewer to be shocked by the items that are on it, and think about the implications of cotton production and use.