Mariah Davis

Alien: A Desktop Documentary

Prompt: Bridge 4: Desktop Video Journals, Documentaries and Other forms of Keeping a Diary - Desktop Documentaries are a form of video essay making that actively incorporates the process of screen capture recording, online research, original footage, and desktop production. The format embraces the computer desktop as a kind of collage board from which a filmmaker's desktop activities are recorded and edited to illustrate and support the tenets of their essay/documentary. For this project, students engage in a month-long investigative research process (with benchmarks along the way), culminating in the production of their documentary (Studio) and an accompanying research paper (Seminar).

This video project dives into the genre of desktop documentaries. This peculiar way of filming is explored through the means of a topic of interest, in this case, aliens. The documentary examines the extraterrestrial world and its conspiracy theories from a serious standpoint, allowing the viewers to be informed of alleged UFO sightings and abductions throughout the last few decades. The material used in this video includes: movie clips, news reports, original footage, and more.