Marian Kao

Cook Me Recipe

Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Paper, watercolor, and crayon

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: We are creating a 1-minute book about ourselves for this project, and it should contain fake elements hidden between the truth.

I create a cookbook that teaches people how to “make me” for my 1-minute book project, I choose to include 5 kinds of personalities to portray and to also add some fake ones to match the theme of fake

For the recipes I have included, there’s a first impression of how do other people might feel when they saw me for the first time. For my second recipe, I choose to show that I’m a night person, and what are the things that I would have around me when I stay up late. The third personality of I’m a math professional student is fake. I can’t do math, and I even start failing my tests since I was in elementary. My fourth personality surrounds by a lot of toys and cartoon characters because I’m a huge fan of Anpanman, Charlie Brown, and mostly Powderpuff Girls. The last personality I’ve included is me highly addicted to sugar, I love to eat snacks especially Oreo is my favorite as always. For the backside poster, I only use bright orange, black and white to create a bloody poster that makes a strong contrast between the inside page and outside. This is an idea from my friend Christine. She told me that the meaning of a cookbook is trying to serve food and make people happy, but what if I flip it, and try to poison people, how would that be like? So I kind of take this interesting idea and change some parts of it. Instead of doing something technically poisoning, I cook myself in another way by drawing some bloody body parts and try to make it strong and rough comparing to the drawings inside the book.