Mariana Gomez


Class of: 2024

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: A combination of multiple media (Micron pens, paper scraps, textured paper, and designed paper, etc.)

Faculty: Emily Singer

Prompt: The Landscape Collage Series was our final for Drawing and Imaging. Our assignment was to explore the use of different perspectives and create a sense of depth or "space" within our compositions. As well as evoking an emotion, mood and storyline.

“My World”

I did not have a vision at the beginning. When I created my first collage I played with textures, colors, and scales in both value and contrast. I went with the flow utilizing vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, but then dulling it down with black, grey, white tones to create a balance within the composition. For the next two collages, my work process was similar, I played music in the background and let loose. The only difference this time is that I had to continue with a previous piece, not create a new one. I began by analyzing my collage and find a way to make sure the following would convey the same aura.

Inside the harem-tent

The Outside World

The Flight