Samantha Tsui

Deafening Dread

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fineliner

Faculty: Karelyn Siegler

Prompt: For this project, we were challenged to create a self- portrait to address the theme "the hardest part of being still". By using drawing techniques that we have learnt in class to create a provoking emotion within the piece.

As an individual who sometimes struggles to be vocal about their emotions and thoughts, I used this project as an outlet to demonstrate my emotion of fear. I chose to focus on fear because it is an alarming and strong emotion to captivate the audience’s attention. Moreover, exaggerated facial expressions are created when people scream in fear, I wanted to depict this facial expression to help portray chaos and panic within the work. Based on the drawing techniques I have learned from class, I implemented the tilt, turn, and tip of a sphere to help depict the faces at various angles.