Matthew Beeston


Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Pencil and writing

Faculty: Laura Lanteri

Prompt: For our final, my class was asked to create a narrative-driven argumentative essay.

What was asked of me to write about a topic that I would want to take time to create. For that to happen I need to create something that I empathized with. I made a short story about a black boy that was about to be suspended for being late for class, and all the that I can fit in 10 pages that voice all the implications and sources that coming with In this situation that would be looked over. A child in the middle school will not say that they in risked in being put in the school to prison pipeline, how to it feels to face double-consciousness and the need to co- switch. For the reason that they don’t have the worlds for it, yet from young children are given expectations by people with power. I wanted to create a conversation for ones that have faced moments as the talked about and the once haven’t. I don’t think that accomplished that her, but it a starts.