Meiyi Chen

Funny Pigeons

Class of: 2026

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Stickers/photos

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: Make clear background stickers and stick them on to windows to create illusional scenes with what's happening on the other side.

My sticker designs were inspired by a pigeon I saw on the street one day, it was hit by a car and thus squashed flat, it is somehow an unforgettable image. When I first heard that we are making stickers, I immediately thought of that pigeon, since they are all flat in a sense. My goal for this project is to create funny scenes with the pigeon and pizza stickers, there are numerous ways to arrange them into one frame, and those possibilities are also what I liked about them. It’s like a static puppet show, but with stickers. Also, for pigeons’ annoying appetites and other popular internet memes made about them, they are or had become funny animals in my impression, which connects back to the idea of “stickerizing” them— stickers are to me believed as how pop culture finds a way to express and communicate things by distributing them far and wide, just like graffiti arts. I hope I can spread this meaningless but also funny silliness across the town. I did shared the rest of the stickers with interesting people I’ve met, I am glad that I can pass them around and from their reactions, they seemed to enjoy this silliness just as I do.