Mia Aharon


Class of: 2025

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Adam Ames

Prompt: "Focus on your own bodies as a means of constructing and mapping time. Much like physical lengths were determined by those in power, i.e. royal cubit, you will construct time from a physical condition expanded to a personal cosmology (and separate from contemporary standards). Your final piece can be constructed out of any medium, i.e. images, sound, clothing, etc."

For me the best way to pass time is through exploring new places and interacting with other people. This project allowed for these interactions and so I asked strangers to decide what place I should explore in the city. For every location I went to, I shot a polaroid of the person who decided on my next destination. I measured the time it took me to get from one location to the next and created drawings within that time frame. It felt as if time had slowed down as I was going to each place. On the way to the Seaglass Carousel there were train delays, and each additional minute that passed felt longer and longer. However, when making these drawings, time was sped up. In order to finish these timed pieces, I had to step out of my comfort zone. I was forced to look at the bigger picture rather than focusing and perfecting the small details.