Ming Sun

Space Traveler

Class of: 2020

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital collage

Faculty: Barbara Pohl

Prompt: The student will work with eight images that are connected in some manner through time. The text will then be embedded in each image. Next, the eight images will be cropped and then placed into an InDesign document. This file will be turned in to a French fold book

In this project, I used Photoshop to collage different images. In the eight pictures, I told a science fiction story about a space traveler, which is myself. People in the future can travel in space without boundaries, so I decide to set a journey by myself to explore the universe.

When I collage those images, I choose lots of vintage photos. I think it has a unique visual effect when I combine retro and futuristic images. It looks like I created a world where the future and the past coexist.