Nailah Herndon

In Conversation w/ Barbara Herndon

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Carol Shadford

Prompt: The project was very open. We could create any medium incorporating any of the techniques and tools that we have used in class.

An organic conversation between a grandma and her granddaughter that utilizes different mediums of communication. The issue of isolation and loneliness as it relates to our global epidemic is the idea that drives the conversation. Ultimately, the goal is finding a silver lining in such trying times. This piece is quite personal to me as it does include a family member which I have never done before. It creates a sense of vulnerability as I’m allowing the viewer a deeper glimpse into my life. However, I am very much satisfied with the video and more importantly with my family’s reaction as this was very much a video for them.

I wanted to create a sense of breath and serenity in the video. I use cross dissolves to facilitate continuous movement that adds a sort of lightness tonally. I also chose to wear a primarily white outfit that represents stability in the face of disorder mimicking the state of the world. There are some major contrasts from beginning to end whether that be dark vs light or still vs moving. I wanted to represent both the hardships of Isolation as well as the promising and beneficial parts.