Mira Fowlkes

Planet MIRA: Oracle Tarot Deck

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Matthew Lopez-Jensen

Prompt: The assignment for Integrative Studio was to create a deck of 52 cards. Each card had to be inspired by a different word. “12 words that describe yourself”, “12 words that represent academic/career interests”, “12 words that show social issues that concern me”, 4 wild cards: “first pet”, “favorite place.” “something that made me laugh” and “something that made me cry.” Finally, “12 words derived from an observation

The Planet MIRA: Oracle Tarot Deck was completely improvisation, as I didn’t know I wanted the deck to be space-themed until I drew an alien on the “Afraid” card (12). The original plan was to draw a specific person that reminded me of each word, which I did on some cards, but I’m never one who can really stick to the initial plan, so I just went with whatever my creativity told me to do. Each card is completely hand made, as well as the box that is shaped as a sphere to represent a gold planet and the book of meanings for each card which is bonded by thread. I used media such as paper, copic markers, gel pens and sharpie. Each card is a little booklet because I wanted an explosion of color on the inside but I wanted it to be a surprise to the person using the card. My reason for the booklet is also fueled by the actual readings being done with the cards. I wanted to give that sense of anticipation, instead of being able to see which card you’ve chosen immediately, like in a traditional tarot deck, I wanted the emotion to build up inside of the person who is receiving the reading so when they open the card they can feel that satisfaction and trust within themselves and the universe for giving them what they need to hear.