My Hoang

Hanoi in my memories

Class of: 2022

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Digital Design, Zine

Faculty: Rachel Youens

Prompt: Make a zine with several pages, mapping a journey inspired by Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Map your journey through different scales that change relationships of spatial and functional position. Bind it to make a readable object with a sequence in which you establish a relationship between your written phrases, statement, or paragraphs from the Seminar paper. The activities of the occupants and their movements and different behaviors (characteristics, context, setting, situation may reflect the personality, aesthetics, ethics of occupant, in addition to physical space.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

This zine is a recollection of my memories about Hanoi, my home city. As an international student studying abroad, I constantly miss the very basic and familiar things that I always overlooked when I was back home. Each photo collage and piece of writing reflected my thoughts on the things I missed. I wrote poems for some parts and compiled reviews or quotes for the others in the sensual style similar to Calvino’s Invisible Cities.I chose to create a zine instead of a map because I think it separates the areas and gives a focus on each place more effectively. To explore different scales, each of the image I included was shot from a different angle. I made doodles and traces to highlight the form and shape of the most iconic/familiar objects or features that remind me of the area, such as the short plastic chairs and tables, which are very unique to the Old Quarter area.I had a different juxtaposition of images and color scheme for each page to reflect the distinct vibe or atmosphere of the area. For example, the Old Quarter has a vibrant yet antique filter because the place is a historic site and is usually very crowded at night, where there are yellow streetlights shining on the streets. Meanwhile, the street food area has more color variety and a more realistic palette.