Nicole Beltran

Materials Matters

Class of: 2021

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: 3D rendering, 3D modeling

Faculty: Samantha Bennett

Prompt: Using surrealistic and ready-made objects as inspiration and Project 1 as a jumping off point, students will be asked to reexamine their previously studied object (bracelet) and explore different materials (made and found) to represent and to recreate this object. This project will provoke the relationship between materiality and function. How can a change in material create a new function or change the perception of an object?

This project was connected with the previous one, using a chosen object I needed to experiment with materials to see how this affects this particular object. In the previous project, I decided to recreate a bracelet which I have a personal connection with, and my focus was to engage in the whole process of manufacturing a simple thread bracelet. Starting from the natural dye to dying the wool to learning how to spin wool to finally creating the final product. Due to the unusual and unexpected events surrounding COVID-19 and my situation I didn’t have the resources to produce something physical, so I had to use my knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D rendering to produce a digital project. I took inspiration on Kaws and decided to play with materials and size to create installations of my bracelet in different places. I started by 3D modeling the bracelets with the goal of making it as similar to the original one as possible, I then followed by rendering the bracelet in different scenarios, and finally create a presentation with a story line that expressed my process throughout this project.