Nicole Gdula

Holy Rosarie

Class of: 2022

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Photograph

Faculty: Barbara Bordnick

Prompt: Make an “interrupted” portrait that says something about the individual, without having to show their face.

Without revealing the individual’s face, I wanted to portray the lifestyle that this individual was surrounded by and further adopted as his own. From a young age, this individual was introduced to the Roman Catholic religion and attended a Catholic school from age four to fourteen. High school was his first dealignment from the religion, as he attended a public school that subjected others to discover the characters they were for themselves –with no guidance. For a year and a half, he separated himself from this religion, with the belief that he only followed it because he was advised to for ten years, and didn’t have control of his own thoughts and what to believe in. After many unfortunate events that he came to experience, he proclaimed himself yet again apart of the Roman Catholic religion. He decided not to make this religion describe the person he is as a whole, but to make it a part of him.