Niharika Sundarigari

"SMACK" - Lip-balm Packaging

Class of: 2021

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Printed-on paper, cut and pasted together

Faculty: Aaron Brashear

Prompt: We were required to bring in an object of great use to us and talk about it. The next task was to then design packaging for this object without saying WHAT the product is, but simply describing it instead.

We had to use descriptive words, visuals, graphics that were associated with the product and can help identify the packaging. I chose a Burts and Bee’s pomegranate flavored lip balm and so for my final packaging I used their branding colors into mine. the background texture of the packaging resembles the honeycomb texture. The lips in the center of the panel are to indicate that it is a cosmetic product, specifically for the lips. I wanted the packaging to be small and simple, to be able to fit into one’s palm when carrying it around. Inside the box, there is a groove for where the lip balm will sit.