Olivia Beresford


Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Denim, polyester blend fabric

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: For the second Bridge project, we were tasked to give our assigned partner a gift. My partner was Oliver. I chose to make him a shirt because he loves fashion and his style was one of the first things I noticed about him.

I went with a black and white color scheme because it’s both class and what his wardrobe mainly consists of. He really enjoys street style, which inspired my barbed-wire pattern. After I  nished the cropped dress shirt, I individually stitched the “barbed-wire”, made from a white denim, on to it. I then proceeded to distress the edges. I finished off the look of the shirt by adding sleek black snaps. I really enjoyed combining the sleek lines of the shirt’s silhouette with the raw, distressed edges of the barbed wire. I also made sure to create a feeling of continuity within the shirt by having the barbed wire connect across the shirt once buttoned up.