Sarah Na

Memory Maze

Class of: 2025

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media, video

Faculty: Cheon Pyo Lee

Prompt: The goal of this project is to create a museum of our personal memory.

Memory is engraved and hidden in everyone’s brains. Reminiscing is trying to  nd that piece of memory in a maze. As I was thinking about what kind of museum I wanted to make specifically for my memory, the first thought in my mind was to make a maze-like museum. Further developing from that idea, I decided to utilize the shape of the QR code to provide my memories in both pictures and videos. The QR code is formed with the pictures from my childhood to the present. When the QR code is scanned, it locates the viewers to another piece of my memories, which is in the form of a video. The video consists of the media that I grew up watching, including TV shows, movies, and news. I purposely did not lay out both pictures in chronological order because I believe that memories are never in chronological order in our brains. We have to go through multiple memories and then piece them together. Just like the small fragments that form the QR code, the small pieces of our memories make up who we are right now.