Owen Moeller


Class of: 2027

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Rhino, Illustrator, Pencil

Faculty: Ian Gordon

Prompt: Make an intervention into a Privately Owned Public Space in New York City.

dRIFT is the result of a study of the ideas of urban planner, Le Corbusier, an exploration of the language, shape and style of chalk sticks, and a deep analysis of the present day POPS located on 425 Fifth Avenue. The shape being a response to the soulless and restless public spaces that Le Corbusier writes about in The City of Tomorrow: The Great City combined with inspiration derived from the shape of an array of broken chalk sticks. The chalk stick shape lending itself perfectly to the integration of a variety of program. The shape being a blank slate which can be prescribed for a certain use of left for exploration and interpretation.