Pedro Troncoso

Pedro Troncoso Photography

Class of: 2020

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Mixed media photography

Faculty: Barbara Bordnick

Prompt: Photography assignments: Faceless Portrait, Conceptual and Serial, and Narrative Portrait.

Faceless portrait assignment consisted of “Making a portrait of a person without showing their face”. I decided to use the quarantine situation as an expressive tool. This photograph represents the current paranoia of how to stay safe at home and be extremely preventive.

Conceptual and serial: Consisted of “A series of portraits of a concept of your choosing”. Given my own quarantine situation, I couldn’t take new photographs, therefore, I decided to recycle the ones I had printed before in order to intervene with crayons. The photographs show another perspective of how the current situation is changing and hitting all of us.

Narrative Portrait: “Make a portrait based on a written narrative”. Under the public limitations due to the virus, I wanted to tell the story about how many people are obligated to cut their hair at home. Regardless of how bad our “barber abilities” are, it almost seems like the new normal necessity.