Hayden Gilbert

Brighton Beach

Prompt: In class, you will be assigned a neighborhood to visit on your own. Go to this place, and plan to spend at least 3 hours there. Walk around, eat a meal, talk to residents, observe the architecture, local businesses, social activities, general feeling of the place, look for its aesthetic elements, etc. Take notes about what is familiar and unfamiliar to you. Write a reflection about your day, and how walking can influence your experience of a place. Identify at least two scholarly sources that inform your ideas, cite them in your text using footnotes, and include them in your reflection.

Within this project, I wanted to dive deep into a culturally rich neighborhood and observe as an outsider the diverse life within New York City. I found that nooks like Brighton Beach are everywhere in the city, and are so essential to the melting pot that is New York. Upon listing my observations I wanted to conclude with detailed and interesting research about the area that collaborated with my reflection of Brighton Beach.