Pete Santoro

Flashes of my Life, In Connecticut.

Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Digital Media

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: For our final class project over the last two weeks of the spring 2021 semester, in the first part of the assignment, my classmates and I were prompted to create a Mind Map of our relationship to NYC or another town. I chose to make my formal map with essential aspects of my life revolving around Madison, Connecticut! Because of my living situation of being at home during the pandemic, I chose my hometown to closely dig into because of the vital information I could present. I illustrated graphics like myself in a reflection, taking a photo, and used liner lines to connect data and sections to myself in the middle of the map. Around the focal point of the mind map, flashes coming from me taking a photo are presented with important information and aspects of my life.

Making a Mind Map of my relationship to NYC or another town. Including images and text. I Choose a particular site, my hometown to prepare for our class final. The goal of this project is to make an interesting and informative mind map. It can be as streamline or interconnected as we would like.