Pete Santoro

The Studio Platform Floor

Class of: 2024

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Digital Media

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: Make a prototype design of a new invention that includes a perspective view, plan view, and schematic diagram. Include dimensions, materials, color, price, logo, branding, and price.

The prototype design I created is a lofted bed platform for small apartments to utilize the tall space above the ground. I call my composition “The Studio Platform Floor,” which includes a perspective view, plan view, and schematic diagram. I chose to create my prototype design as a furniture piece for apartments and small spaces because I will be moving to New York City soon, and in my apartment, a lofted bed like this prototype would work well to save space. Rather than being just a bed frame, the lofted bed is like a mini floor. The quality and materials of the Lofted bed would be very built-in and give the feeling of existing as another floor with more room and space. The platform includes functionality like electricity and storage. Under the platform, a standard medium screw light bulb hangs for the shaded area underneath. On top of the wood platform built into the storage box are a standard outlet duplex and another in the corner of the main support panel. Since this is a tiny risen floor, there needs to be similar accessibility to being on the floor. Creating inputs for electricity and storage is very important because of the size and accessibility a lofted bed would have if built into the architecture. The bed would be constructed with solid materials, like woods for the base and frame, and steel screws and bolts to keep everything firmly fastened. A steel latter is included in the prototype to give the prototype a contemporary finish and a strong material.