Phoebe Clark

Urban Distillation: Planar Abstraction

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpey polymer clay, glue

Faculty: Linnea Paskow

Prompt: Create a unique self-supporting clay structure by repeating a chosen architectural element. The structure could be practical or fanciful. It should be a form that uses the clay technique best suited to chosen architectural detail. Must be 4 x 4 inches and made of Sculpey.

Inspired by the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and the mid-century modern architectural style of the 70s, this sculpture is an abstract interpretation of the planar forms found throughout these building styles. It contains forms found in Wright’s iconic building “Fallingwater”, which contains many rectangular pieces stacked on top of one another. In order to create the rigid, flat nature of the panels found in this building style, the clay pieces were baked, trimmed, and assembled to allow for straighter lines and modular forms. The floating pieces create movement while maintaining the airy, negative space in between the layers of clay.