Qingchun Chen

Their vision

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Beau Rhee

For this project, the name of my visual space is “their vision” which means others vision and imagination. Because the word vision which means not only represents physical vision but also psychological imagination. And I divided this visual space into two meanings. The first meaning is to light up in my dream space and map the vision of different animals to a larger space. In this way, different colors of light can be reflected on the audience. This visual space allows viewers to feel the vision of different animals with their bodies. Because different animal vision has different colors, I think these colors can represent some kind of emotions. For example, red represents anger, pink represents happiness, black represents annoyance, blue represents anger and so on. To express the emotions and attitudes of different animals or people or creatures towards the audience.

The purpose of the second meaning is to let the audience feel it from the eyes. The audience can put their heads into the space. In order to experience the visions of different animals with subjective vision. Because I think different animals have different visions and psychology, just like different people have different personalities and opinions. I put a mirror in front of my installation so that the audience can see themselves in different visions to express what they look like in the eyes of different people. So the second meaning is that I want to make people feel different about how different people or creatures treat things through my visual space, so the installation can remind the audience that people and people or different creatures should be considerate of others.

In the production process, I made many attempts at materials to express each animal or to imitate the visual effects of different animals. I draw the dog’s footprints on the yellow board to show that yellow is the dog’s visual color. I cut a lot of plastic bottles and pasted the bottom of the bottle on the black board to express the visual effect of the scorpion. PVC is also used to express the visual effects of frogs. Then paste the plastic grid floor pad on the purple plate to express the visual effect of the bees. I cut the fur collar from my clothes and pasted it on the blue board to express the blind area in the middle of the horse’s vision. Then I cut some patterns of the cow with the fabric and pasted them on the orange board to express the orange vision of the cow. Finally, round glass beads are used to express the visual effect of flies. In this process, I have also experienced a lot of failed attempts, but I think failure is a necessary factor in the process of exploration.