Rachel Joo

A Scoop From Within

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Multiple Media

Faculty: Barbara A. Friedman

Prompt: In this project “Multiple Perspectives” we were given the opportunity to use any materials we wish to create a portrait of one of our classmates through an interview.

My creative intention as it aligned with the assignment was to create a piece that effectively and accurately, through symbolic means, illustrated my classmate’s most inner traits. The lessons and skills that I learned in my Studio 1 class maximally influenced my piece as I gained the confidence to give myself complete jurisdiction during my artistic processes. Giving myself the responsibility and the capacity to guide the artwork into something genuine and intentful, I learned, gives space for meaningful interpretation to the audience.

After a thorough interview of my classmate, I recognized that she was very cognizant of her journey to self-realization. Additionally, I was able to catch hints of her bubbly, quirky, spontaneous, and creative facets. Thus, in combination with her childhood dream of becoming an ice cream scooper -in hopes to provide happiness- and her gradual realization of her growth, I created a piece that was emblematic of her core self. The blue ice cream not only illustrates her childhood dream but it also demonstrates her eccentricities and quirks. I also deliberately used clay to show the malleable process of her growth and however stagnant she may feel, she is still finding herself maturing and becoming confident in who she is.