Rachel Joo


Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Sculpture / Wire

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: During the first 3 weeks, students will develop a 3D personal symbol (Objects or materials that represent your personality or interests, a “portrait” personal logo like) inspired by using rigid linear materials for a structure such as metal wire, wood dowels, metal and or plastic rods. Flexible linear materials as connectors, such as rope, rubber bands, thread, etc. This symbol can be inspired by how you identify yourselves and how the communities you belong to (“the world”) observe you. Creating a personal symbol can be a great way to remind ourselves of what we stand for, our goals, dreams, and important stuff. What is the purpose of creating personal symbols? For the same reason, families’ crests were designed for hundreds of years. Same reason tartans are made in a particular way. The same reason each country has a flag. From signet rings to watermarks and stone carvings - it is all about unique identification. Consider modern-day logos. They are nothing more than visual symbols conveying information about a person, group, or product. A personal symbol can establish personal identification. However, that is not all. It can also help awaken your ideas about who you are, what you believe in, and even what you want to achieve. Think about how you would visually express these attributes.

I plan on creating a sculptural piece that is inspired by the fluid movements of the body to represent who I am today. People tend to describe me as an artist, a person who can adjust well and help others, and as an introvert. I want to create an abstract sculpture that can represent how others perceive me and what I want to pursue. I think that the fluid sculpture shows my introvertedness and my artist side. The fluid lines represent how as an introvert I like to go with the flow and not stick out, however, at the same time I think that the dynamic movement in the sculpture represents the artistic side of me. Not only does this sculpture represent my personality but it also portrays what I want to currently pursue as a student. As a student, I want to be exposed to the different art techniques and also learn the ways to utilize them in both conventional and unconventional ways. The sculpture will represent a person who is still developing or still in the process of moving. This represents me as a student still trying to grasp and learn new things. I was also inspired by the fluid figures on my Dan certificate that I received for my second-degree black belt in taekwondo. I believe that this sculpture represents me as a Korean American because it carries the same fluidity as the symbols that represent different stances in taekwondo, but also it can be clearly seen that the sculpture was influenced by American abstract artists, such as David Smith, Wassily Kandinsky, and Franz Kline.