Khushboo Parimoo

Personal Manifesto

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Poster

Faculty: Barbara Friedman

Prompt: Using Russian Constructivism and Futurism as design departure points, create a poster for your personal manifesto.

For this project we had to make a poster for a personal manifesto, using typography as a way to communicate our message, alongside the design influences of Russian Constructivism and Futurism. I chose to make my manifesto about personal boundaries and individuality, with the main message dominating most of the page, and secondary text lining the top right corner. I was heavily inspired by Russian Constructivism and used elements like its fonts, picture collage, and composition strategy to enhance my poster. Tilting the type and photo on an angle, as some Constructivist posters do, made it more dynamic and allowed there to be a diagonal 􀂧ow from top left to bottom right. The nosebleed connected photo and type and also served as a representation of the effects of being ‘split open’, of having the insides seep out.