Samantha Shanman

First image: N/A / Second image: Village Well

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Ilustrator and linocut

Faculty: Sonya Sklaroff

Prompt: The first project was an introduction to illustrator and perspective. The second is a poster for a local small business, in order to spread awareness for businesses that are struggling and to generate support.

First: I chose to illustrate my bathroom, because I was inspired by the liens present in the counters, the tiles, and the bathtub. They created n interesting composition, and I was interested in how the perspective would be translated. I also wanted to create contrast in the lighting, by using a yellow for the highlights and a blue for the shadows

Second: I wanted to represent a local coffee and bookstore in my community that opened during the pandemic in order to encourage people to shop local. I  first created a print that outlines the main features (the table, the lights, and the bookshelves), and then digitally added text and color, to emphasize the mural that represents the community, and the logo.