Sara Grant

I Don't Need Femininity (To Be a Woman)

Prompt: For this assignment, we were tasked with making a piece inspired by the research done for our seminar class.

For my Bridge 4 studio assignment, I created an autobiographical zine based around my experience with gender and femininity. I wanted to create something that shared stories of mine – specifically with a positive and uplifting message. I wanted to emphasize my outward “disconnect” with “femininity” and “womanhood” while expressing my disdain for these labels. As for the stylistic choice, I took inspiration from the classic children’s books style and mixed it with my own. I specifically chose to do this because I wanted to somewhat counteract the stronger themes within the zine, and help it come off as a little more light hearted. Additionally, I decided to make my own font from my hand writing in order to add even more of a personal touch. Overall, I wanted to create a piece that resonated with whoever read it, despite gender identity