Simona Sun


Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: video

Faculty: Jennifer Mazza

Prompt: Bridge 4 Assignment: Introduction: Using your seminar paper as a script you will develop and extend your argument into the essay film form. Using juxtaposition of image, text, and sound, your film should add an additional level of meaning and reflection to your essay in a creative way. Details: **REMEMBER: An essay film is different from a documentary. How? -- Through elements of juxtaposition, disjunction, critique -- Framing & Repetition are also important elements --Sound, Image, Text (text can be image, but you also must have voice over as an element)

In this project, I delved deeper into the nuanced theme of “being oppressed by the invisible,” a continuation of my exploration from the previous bridge. My aim was to document both my thought process and personal journey through this complex identity, a challenge compounded by the scant information available, pushing me to investigate why this issue is seldom exposed or discussed. To effectively convey the multi-dimensional aspects of this exploration, I employed a mixed-media approach. I filmed my previous project’s creation process and simultaneously screen-recorded my digital art-making. These visuals were layered to illustrate dual perspectives: the artist at work and the artist’s inner vision. This method enriched the narrative by showcasing not just the artistic process but also the conceptual layers behind it. I further enhanced the visual narrative with symbolic movie clips and various filters to represent different facets of the character’s thought process and emotional landscape. A direct voice-over of my seminar essay served as a window into the character’s psyche, providing explicit commentary that reinforced the theme of hidden oppression. This artistic endeavor not only highlighted the complexities of exploring an identity shaped by unseen forces but also emphasized the challenge and intrigue of engaging with a topic that lacks straightforward representation in mainstream discourse.