Se Hee Kim

Project 3: Free Topic - Elderly Poverty in South Korea

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Combination of multiple media

Faculty: Anney Bonney (Studio) and Amy Stoker (Seminar)

Prompt: This is a collaborative final Bridge 3 project from Integrative Studio and Seminar 2. The first announced topic was a free topic, where we can show and try any kind of media that involves research analysis criteria in the Seminar.

The aim of the project was, after researching the problem of elderly poverty in South Korea, I am designing a digital poster that contains statistics of the seriousness of numbers increasing and drawings of seniors suffering from poverty that could emotionally share awareness to the audience. The posters will be installed in the Seoul subway to bring awareness to both domestic and international communities.

This project was one of the projects to develop “Se Hee.” The reason is: First, because the subject is free, the inspiration is free, and the research style is free, the subject of anything was complicated at first. It was exciting to make it. For example, apart from my big topic, elderly poverty, I had the fun of recognizing and applying posters, material characteristics, and even these small details by myself. Second, I learned time management. I was given a time of about two weeks, but in some ways, it can be said that it is many, and in a way, it can feel short. Still, when I started with a plan for two weeks from the beginning, I learned the feeling that something fits perfectly with the schedule and the feelings of joy in my work. I’m always in a hurry to the end, and I learned two essential parts of my life: goal and integrity.