Seobin Park


Class of: 2025

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture, photo, video

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: A 3d work related to Covid 19 situation.

On 2020, January, I first heard about the unknown disease occurring in China. It wasn’t a big deal at first, but it started to spread all over the world without showing a single sign of warning. Everybody thought it would stop and disappeared by that summer, but it was beyond everyone’s expectations. For the final project, I created a 3D object about my reflection of the time we had to face during the pandemic. How did the world change? What impact we faced? What did I learn from it? After the pandemic happened, I tried to look up for more daily news and learned various stock information and market economy. From that, I was able to acknowledge how the worse thing could be a good luck for some people. People in IT company or who owns the company’s shares had gained the majority of wealth, while people who runs their own restaurant lost their income. This is how the world works. Some earns, some lose. However, didn’t think this worst epidemic could be a part of that. Hence, I wanted to depict these gap in my final project. A sketch was drawn to express the gap between the rich and the poor and how this virus widens that gap. It contains a smiling face of the human that has a fancy building upon its head and some money coming out of its smiling mouth to depict their benefits. However, from the different perspective, if you see carefully to the bottom of the object, there will be some shoes and legs under the human face as if it’s being crashed. From this, I also wanted to emphasize the gap between rich and poor.