Sophia Wang

Thought - Action

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Wire

Faculty: Rebekah Laskin

Prompt: Design and construct a three dimensional cube form in which each of the four sides has a linear wire 'drawing' suspended in a square wire frame.

The panels have a common theme of emotions leading to actions. There are panels symbolizing for a sense of manipulation caused by love of affection, represented with the figure’s head opening up. The one with the opened mouth represents for the spread of gossip, causing sadness and tears illustrated in another panel. The base panel on the bottom right are for the purpose of having a strong structure while looking like DNA double helix structures, suggesting that all the emotions were already embedded in our DNA, that we were all born with them. The entire wire box was made from wires in two different gauges, 28 and 19.