Sophia Wang

Nostalgia #23

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media (Hemp Strings, Plywood, Acrylic Boards)

Faculty: Rebekah Laskin

Prompt: Design and construct a polyhedral form using two durable planar materials. Whether the structure is closed or open, the inside should contain a surprise element of some sort.

The polyhedron made is to resemble a jewelry box I owned since primary school. I use to keep all my jewelry and everything I found precious inside. In this project, I wished to create a great contrasting between the inside and outside, symbolizing for my personal growth. This was achieved by the use of color and texture. I colored the inside of the box with yellow checkers, and purposefully left the outside in its original state, demonstrating the organic texture and color of wood. The jewelries put inside also have a meaning as they were gifts from my family and friends. They both take great parts on shaping my personality and way of thinking. Therefore, to make the items inside the box more visible, I decided to make one face of the polyhedron utilizing transparent acrylic boards. The thin purple hemp ropes were selected due to its aesthetics when being put together with yellow. Moreover, crocheted flowers in different textures were added to create more visual variety, once again contrasting with the polyhedron’s rigid edges. Lastly, the crocheted handle was made to convey the concept of the polyhedron being a portable jewellery box.