Sophie Tsang

Talking to New York

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital campaign posters (Illustrator & Photoshop) / Digital zine (Indesign)

Faculty: Studio: Leigh Davis / Seminar: Claire Donato

Prompt: Studio: Develop an intervention based on personal interests, participating in class discussions, and digging into your personal research process. Investigate the possibilities, means, and methods of creating Interventions. The final intervention can be an object, urban furnishing, site-specific pop-up installation, sculpture, shrine, monument, series of works, or a performance. Seminar: Design a zine that connects your intervention in Studio to other important resources and dives further into your inspiration and process throughout the project.

I take inspiration from my surroundings and I wanted to create an intervention that could be widespread and relatable. From the initial brainstorming of my intervention I knew I wanted to express my gratitude to healthcare and essential workers. I chose places of public transportation as my site because the purpose of my intervention is to create awareness and remind people to stay safe during the pandemic and to be thankful for essential workers. I created billboards, bus stops, and subway posters. For this project, I researched various artists and read up on their creative process. The most notable artists in my brainstorming process were Anthony Burrill, Stephen Powers, and Candy Chang. Both seminar and studio class helped a lot in the process, each professor gave me useful resources as well as insightful advice. As someone who intends to major in communication design, I realized a lot of my work is on a smaller scale so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to work at a larger scale to catch people’s attention. Although my designs just reside in mock-ups and not in public at the moment, it was fun for me to put my work into an environment that I hope to someday fill.