Sukyoung Youn

Typeface Design - Geometrikand

Class of: 2026

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Digital

Faculty: Carmile Zaino

Prompt: Students were tasked with creating and promoting a new typeface by engaging in a hands-on exploration of text. Experimented with a modular approach, cutting out letters and exploring the potential of different arrangements. Additionally, conducted preliminary research on the letterforms and alphabets found in various ancient writing systems.

I designed a typeface, “GEOMETRIKAND,” which serves as a modernist interpretation of Kandinsky’s artistic legacy, specifically emphasizing geometric shapes. Through the typeface, I utilized minimalist and clean lines, characterized by a strict adherence to geometric forms like circles, squares, and triangles. In the creation of GEOMETRIKAND, I integrated visual elements from Kandinsky’s abstract art style, which is celebrated for its vibrant colors, bold shapes, and an inherent sense of movement and energy. My focus in typography was to explore the expressive potential of letters and their shapes, seamlessly incorporating Kandinsky’s artistic principles into my typeface designs. By merging Kandinsky’s distinctive artistic style with a geometric approach, GEOMETRIKAND achieves a visually striking and contemporary aesthetic, characterized by a profound sense of rhythm and balance. The name “Geometrikand” has been chosen to encapsulate the essence of the typeface, accentuating its dedication to geometry and modernist aesthetics, while simultaneously paying homage to Kandinsky’s profound influence on my design philosophy. By playfully combining the words “geometric” and “Kandinsky,” the name effectively emphasizes the typeface’s geometric shapes and modernist style.