Thea Yazbeck

Project 4: words, images, meaning

Class of: 2024

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Combination on photoshop

Faculty: Emily Waters

Prompt: For this assignment we had to choose three different pictures and write the same word on it (a word we'd think would work well with the images we chose). for the second part, we had to chose choose one image and place three different words on them.

For the first part of this piece, I chose the word “delight” and chose three images completely different from one another that represents something that brings us delight. I really wanted to show the contrast between the different kinds of delight through the image itself and the color I chose to cover it. For the second part of the project I chose an image taken by a friend of mine that goes to Parsons Paris and used the words “sexual”, “provoking” and “innocent”. I also chose the colors to cover the pictures with, according to the meaning of the word and what I personally think it could represent if the word chosen was a color.