Thiha Min Zin

Free Country Playground

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Rebekah Laskin

Prompt: To create a purposeful social space installation

I remember, growing up in Yangon, there weren’t a lot of playgrounds and amusement parks for children to go to on weekends. There were a few amusement parks but eventually, they all shut down due to lack of proper maintenance. The remaining two parks standing their ground lack maintenance and upgrades. When I see children outside in parks they are usually on their iPads, watching youtube videos, sitting by their parents. The modern influence of technology on children made me think of an interactive public playground for children to enjoy while learning something new about the country. The visual imagery of the installation will also spark conversation among accompanying parents.

My concept and intentions for this project are clear. I want to make a public playground for children in every township, teaching them about our country’s political situation. Of course, this is only an experimental piece since any artists making political statements could be thrown in jail by the government.