Tiffany Guo


Class of: 2025

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Wire and old denim

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: During the first 5 weeks, students will develop a 3D personal symbol (Objects or materials that represent your personality or interests, a “portrait” personal logo) inspired by using rigid linear materials for a structure such as metal wire, wood dowels, metal, and or plastic rods. Flexible linear materials as connectors, such as rope, rubber bands, thread, etc. This symbol can be inspired by how you identify yourselves and how the communities you belong to (“the world”) observe you. Creating a personal symbol can be a great way to remind ourselves of what we stand for, our goals, dreams, and important stuff.

This piece was inspired by the way the world perceives me versus who I actually am. My appearance is represented by the dark, intense form of the tree. The vivid yet faint makeup on the model captures a glimpse of my true personality, which emerges stealthily out from underneath the branches. The structure of the tree is made out of wire and then wrapped in cut-up black denim jeans. (I pushed myself to focus on sustainability as well as cost for this project.) As a  nishing touch, I sewed on lace scraps as fringes of the tree for texture.