Tracy (Jiani) Cui

Life under Quarantine

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Aluminum foil, delivery bags, transparent plastic sheets, bed as a background

Faculty: Hilda Shen

Prompt: Taking the concept of a container into the social and ecological realm, the class will look at artists that use food as a subject, art material, or means towards a conceptual construct. Students will learn further ways to create a threedimensional form, in and around food.

As the coronavirus outbreak in United States grew, the demand for processed foods like canned soup and vegetable surged a lot. There are many mills plant still operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The pressure of producing canned food is high since the companies have to speed up production to keep pace prevent the food shortage. And at the same time, people who stay at home under quarantine is suffering from pressure as people are not sure when this isolated life with canned food will end. The depressing feeling is what I am going to express as a person who is experiencing this situation like others. I chose delivery bag to be the tent cloth since it is the evidence we connect with the outside world so do these canned foods. But we are isolated in the delivery bag since the delivery food says the fact that we are not able to go outside and eat those food in the restaurant. The reason why I chose bed as the place I put my isolated tent is that we are spending most of our life at room and the most common place we stay might be the bed( at least for me and my roommate).