Trilogy Restrepo


Class of: 2023

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Ink Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Faculty: Linnea Paskow

Prompt: Using design principles learned in class, create 5 - 6 thoughtful signs that visually direct someone to help them understand a current issue in the news.

In this project I used basic design principles to tell the story of our current stage in the official impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. As the impeachment inquiry grows in the revelations we make every day, it’s important to keep up to date with the state of our highest public office and the more I follow the more drawn into it I am. It’s because of the importance of this event that I decided I need to tell people the events that are happening in the best way that I know how, by using art and design to tell a story. As part of the process for this project I carefully curated a simple color palette which I used to add depth to 5 simple illustrations. In order to achieve this depth I chose both warm and cool colors because in basic design, warm colors always come forward and cooler colors always fall into the background (plus the contrast of the colors helps make the design more eye-catching). All of the illustrations for this project were done in 4 x 4 inch thumbnails in my pocket sketch pad.