Phoebe Clark

Balance ton Porc

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital illustration

Faculty: Linnea Paskow

Prompt: This project's focus was representing a current topic in the news through 5-6 simple but thoughtful signs. Also known as wayfinding, the goal is to communicate information through simplified representational imagery.

This series is my take on the issues of domestic violence and the #metoo movement in France. The French equivalent to “Me Too” is “Balance ton Porc”, which translates to “call out your pig”. I chose to focus on the pig as the central visual throughout the majority of the signs. Purple was the center of my color palette as it’s the color all the people protesting the government’s lack of action against domestic violence and femicide. I wanted to highlight the power of women and individuals when they go against the negative symbol of the pig, and the change in power that has occurred as a result of protests. In addition, if there are 100 women and one man in a room, the French language will address the group as male. This itself is a building block in the pyramid of violence that leads to discrimination and eventually direct violence like femicide. The role that language plays in this issue is a large one, so I wanted to represent that through speech bubbles, which are a common symbol of speech and communication. Visually representing the power imbalance was the most important aspect of this project. I wanted for there to be a timeline of the action that has been taken in the streets to make a change to help protect women and individuals experiencing domestic violence.