Tyron Shi

Restaurant Matchboxes

Class of: 2022

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Packaging Design / Cardstock, Matches

Faculty: Aaron Brashear

Prompt: This project required me to visit an assigned restaurant and create a matchbox based off of my experience and details recorded. The matchbox had to be an advertisement for the restaurant since it would be given to customers as they left.

My matchbox is based off of Pig and Khao, a modern Southeast Asian restaurant in downtown Manhattan. Each matchbox contains the restaurant’s name, address, and contact information. Additional graphics were created to complement the text and serve as the visual element of each design. The visual style on the matchboxes is intended to reference the atmosphere and energy of the referenced restaurant. For example, the all white matchbox, a photograph of graffiti on the light box sign outside was used as the overall graphic, with fonts taken from the restaurant logo. A wood grain pattern on the interior of this matchbox draws from the wood surfaces all over the interior of the restaurant. On the yellow matchbox, I hand drew a new logo based off of ancient Chinese stamps; these stamps reference the restaurant’s origins. The yellow is taken from the warm atmosphere lighting and menu color. All sources were created by me, through photographs I took during my visit. The original assignment required the creation of one matchbox, but I was specifically asked to finish both concepts.