Vrinda Gupta


Class of: 2026

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Plexiglass, acrylic paint

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: This was an open-ended project where we had to create an interpretation that reflects either a positive or an adverse reaction using the Making Center resources.

Puzzles are interactive and have surprise element at the end as the player gets to see the final image they created from scratch. The image and the interaction is something I wanted to emphasise. I find the connection and disconnection between each puzzle piece to be very similar to real life relationships. We connect and separate with various people in our lives, create memories and develop various emotions. I wanted to bring out this connection with ourselves and others through this jigsaw puzzle. I want to create a puzzle where some part of it can be flipped and moved around to create another image. I wanted to use this concept to depict a story. The story is of a girl who is in her box which is monotonous and lonely. But when an external force moves the puzzle pieces, the girl is with her friends who were always there but had been shut out. This shows how a simple action can change a person’s life. And this action (here) is in the hands of the player. This puzzle can be fun and interactive but at the same time teaches us the value of our words and actions.