Xinxin Zhang

The Glove

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fabric

Faculty: Jamie Kruse

Prompt: I need to make an object reflect one of my daily practice and I would use it for 10 years.

The practice I am considering is cooking and eating healthy. This consist of not
drinking beverage contains to much sugar and food that deep-fried. I try to eat
light and clean.

The most joy for me is that in this way it helps me to keep track of my body
shape and weight control. Besides, with scientific proof, sugar and oil are going
to lead to so many problems in our body such as the aging of the skin and all
other things.

I want to make it resilient from the perspective of material and design. The
material needs to be strong and repairable, at the same time, easy to clean. For
the design, I would make sure the function of this thing is going to be useful after
10 years.

With cooking at home, less food waste, which benefits the famine in many
regions, this is the food system. Less garbage would be produced which means
benefit the emission system and garbage process system. And then, this would
have a benefit for the water pollution system and soil decomposition system.

Repair: By using strong fabrics that can be sewed if it is broked.
Function: By design, the shape of the glove makes it flexible and easy to use.
Safety: This product helps to provide safe- protection for your hand while
Environment: This material would be decomposable and without any artificial
dye(natural dye used)
Design: I want to make the design classic and simple which make it wouldn’t
think as out-of-fashion after 10 years.