Yanti Zhao

Healing pain

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Mixed media

Faculty: Erica Cardwell (Seminar) Gyun Hur (Studio)

Prompt: How does people heal themselves by experiencing pain? How can we count on ourselves to modify our body without being affected by the outside world?

Pain is essential for my existence, especially the once I got to choose, and it’s not necessarily a negative thing to sometimes feel pain, from my point of view, that is the process can help us in order to “heal”. However, when we got so many access to informations and comments online, how can we trust on ourselves to modify and do things to our own body?

outside noises and social networking around us, and the body positions of the figure shows that they are being trapped inside. I will not be telling what is right or wrong in this work, because this does touches some sensitive topics like self-harm and eating disorders, however what I am saying is that we need to know the limits of our own body and be accountable to the things we did to it. When decisions we made weren’t “ours”, when our judgements were affected by others, then the pain that we are experiencing isn’t chosen by ourselves and it won’t be healing at all.

We need to take ownership of our body, and make wise decisions based on our own minds.